Friday, May 31, 2013

I Want to Go to a Dry, Sunny and Warm Place

Our favorable weekend forecast, the hope of relief from a long spell of cool, rainy weather, just went pear shaped.  It'll be showery even on the other side of the passes in Eastern Washington; there's just no escape, except a retreat into my Imaginary World.

A place where I can wiggle my toes in warm sand and walk a tide line rich with treasures brought by the waves.  Can you hear it?  The whisper of foam, the retreat of brilliant waters sliding down the slopes of a perfect, secluded beach, the distant cry of sea birds, rhythmic surf beating on a sand bar.

Can you feel it?  The tickle of soft breezes blowing sand dry on your legs, sun warmed arms, the scent of salt and flowers.  You Are Somewhere Other Than Here.


  1. that old tassel mixed with the green pod and amazing beach pottery! perfection.

  2. ~I Want to Go to a Dry, Sunny and Warm Place~ Santa Fe welcomes you anytime! Very pretty pieces BTW. :)

  3. Long beach awaits you my you want to come earlier??