Saturday, June 30, 2012

Getting to the Bottom of It

A pointy nose and a good set of choppers can be quite useful for getting to the bottom of things.  Like a smear of peanut butter in the bottom of a yogurt cup.

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Straight Skinny on Seeds and Such

For more on the world of seeds and botany in general, try visiting this wonderful place:  Great links and solid information.

A treasury of natural seeds

Want to get inspired?  Go visit this new treasury and see just a few of the fascinating seeds that can be used in jewelry for summer!  Very tribal and mysterious; along with shells, probably one of the most ancient forms of personal adornment.

Sycamore seed pods from Bytheinch, on Etsy, whom you may visit by clicking on my treasury link above.

Try a visit, and leave a message to compliment these Etsy entrepreneurs and help their products reach the Etsy front page (promotes their sales and helps them wend their way through these perilous economic days) -- it would be a good deed for the day!  And you might find you'd like to purchase some of these goodies, anyway.

Natural seeds from Nepal,  offered by Nepal Bead Shop, whom you can visit if you visit my beautiful treasury and all those Etsy shop owners who are just waiting to be of service.   It's a good entry into an alternative economy.

And you can also visit Lydia Smiles, of Faulkner, Mississippi, to peruse her exquisite porcelain drinking cups and hand harvested and dyed chinaberry beads, a deeply historical Southern adornment generations old in her family, something I have searched for a long, long time and at last have found!  Do note, that's Faulkner, Mississippi, for a fine literary connection, as well.  I plan to wear my chinaberry beads this summer, and go back to reading Mr. William Faulkner, myself!  The town of Faulkner is in Tippah County, not Yoknapatawpha County, which is purely fictional, but so truly created that it does seem to exist.  I have been there, myself, having grown up in the deep south.  Read and recognize . . .