Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Wooden Bell

Some time back, I netted this eucalyptus pod found on a curbside in Richmond CA, just for practice. It seemed at the time it had little to offer, ornamentally, but it began to grow on me. I love the cracked chippy silvery grays peeking through the swags of the netting.  It sat on a shelf, though, having a conversation with a battered salt shaker, and they became close, in fact, inseparable. Then along came a shipment of sea pottery from the beaches of the North Sea, in Scotland, and they bumped into a skein of handspun linen from Latvia and brushed up against a silvered glass coat button, all murmering to each other about their quiet, unappreciated beauty, their superb patina.

I had originally thought to do something crusty and chunky in frosty white, but somehow these chain fragments edged up and asked to join the assemblage. One of them is the counterbalance from a summer white glass necklace, probably mid century, and it peeks around the top of the neckline provocatively, but quietly.

I love this piece -- I want it for myself; it is the sort of thing I would wear even though I am not dressy and seldom wear my own work.  But I did list it. I may yet keep it for myself, unless it finds the right person to take it in.

This just in!  The doll's purse went to stay with Jennifer of Sacred Cake.  I am so pleased -- her work and lovely shop have been an inspiration ever since I began offering my things on line, way back in 2009.  You should visit her blog and see what I mean.


  1. I love the encounter of the netted wooden pot and the salt shaker to become a necklace!

  2. The lovely narrative makes this wonderful necklace even more special. Wherever it ends up, no doubt it will be dearly treasured, but I kind of hope you'll get to keep it.

  3. omg, the knotting. the impeccable knotting over the grungy woodsy surface and the dainty saltshaker top. but omg that knotting. one day i might steal this from you but i'd have to figure out how to 1st.

  4. The knotting! Any good book on nautical rope craft will have everything used here. Netting was used to protect surfaces that would roll around and get bumped in heavy seas -- bottles were netted, for instance. Lucky we don't have to use rope & marlinspike though, just some nice waxed linen.