Saturday, May 11, 2013

Baltimore Oriole

The Audubon Society issued celluloid pin back buttons of American birds beginning in the early 1900s, around 1912, I think, and I found one -- the Baltimore Oriole, very pretty. I couldn't stand the idea of altering it, say drilling a hole, because I don't like ruining collectibles that are likely to become more valuable, and because it's a nice thing all by itself, anyway. The same for the sweet, soft, kiss-lock coin purse that was a give away from a banking company in Milan, Tennessee.  So, carefully, with a very fine twist drill, I drilled holes in the steel frame, on one side for wiring on a blue velvet ribbon, and on the other for connectors so I could add a chain. While holding my breath, worrying that the kiss lock might get skewed and not work. What luck, that didn't happen!

So here it is, a pretty, shabby chic, kitschy, rustic, Americana, coin purse necklace where you can keep, hands-free, your license and bank card. It would be easy to change the celluloid pin for a different look if you wanted some variety.

I couldn't resist a reprise of the lyrics to a favorite song by Hoagy Carmichael, above in a favorite version, by Bob Dorough.

Kitschy-kitschy koo!

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  1. You coo coo kitchy coo..
    Bead show yesterday thought of you... One thing will be cool.. We can split strands of more expensive beads... I had a pretty good show. It didn't get there till 2 and then I was kinda wiped out... Went to mt fave thrift store in Laguna... All the rich ladies unload beautiful expensive clothes... Then I had to et ... Never seen so many lifted, botoxed faces in one place... We'll have fun... Got dollar strands ... I haven't sold a thing on a week... If I had better sales last week I prolly would of bought more...some kool wood beads with a wood from Vietnam that I shoulda got...oh well
    Xx c