Saturday, May 18, 2013

W.I.P.: Rotten Firebug Boy

So, here's the beginnings.  Head and right hand and antique photo inspiration.  I had a wonderful tintype in my collection (background), but found one even better, just the brattiest, at Etsy's Interior Vintage. Very inspiring! I grew up with three brothers, and I know the type, believe me. My theory about these Victorian boys is that they knew those lace collars and skirts were just plain wrong. I am imagining this one has a difficult name, something ambiguous like Winifred, and he is completely opposed to how things appear to be turning out in his short life. I have laces, ribbons, and fusty dusty black bombazine in my collection, so watch out you little wretch, you're gonna get another skirt to wear! I have locked up the matches, and if you continue to pout like that, your face will freeze that way.

Materials:  So far, just paper clay, small enough not to need an armature.

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