Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Destash, Deaccession, Whatever

It's all about making space and clearing my mind.  Old things I made for a gallery back at the edge of the millenium, while I was still distracted by a day job in the mainstream world where a certain amount of conformity was motivated by mere survival.  I love the old, antique and ancient beads I collected then, but it was before I began to groove on the found object.  They're so pretty, but I don't wear them myself, in jammies or jeans most days, and I feel they are holding me back.  Just an earlier chapter, and hanging on to them means there's a mess in my studio, while letting go frees up a smidge of space there and lots more in my mind.  They gotto go!

For the longest time I didn't feel I could list them on Etsy because the components were too valuable and they didn't fit in with the readbetweenlines style.  You know, inconsistency and credibility.  Another conformity thing, though, so I am listing them in the fond wish to bid them adieu.

Abby approves.  Note the glowing expression of complete approval of all things me; she feeds my soul every day.  Corgum rock!

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  1. I am totally in that same place with my style changing and a plethora of hilltribe silver and higher end designs. I even cannibalized a few last week. Suddenly the galleries haven't been able to move them either and it seemed to correspond with the downturn in the economy. I am taking that as a ticket to explore my newer boho and assemblage style as well.
    Isn't it amazing that we can see the change in trends just within our own and our peers work!