Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sparrow Is Seven Years Old This Month!

Still glossy, happy and occasionally popcorning, my sweet Sparrow is 7 years old this month.  She is proof that GPs are not just "pocket pets," but can be companions for a nice slice of your life. She wants you to know certain things are necessary for happy healthy GP lifestyles, though:  Guinea pigs need to have Vitamin C supplements, first of all.  Sparrow takes chewable Vitamin C from my hand just as readily as carrots.  I provide her with timothy hay, dandelion greens in season, fresh water, an orange crate for hiding and a salt lick, along with good quality guinea pig feed.  She has learned to wheek when she hears the crackle of vegetable bags, the regrigerator door, or the knife chopping vegetables for stir fry.  She knows her name and responds to "hello piggie."  She is also grateful that I don't handle her alot and disturb her peaceful existence, but she is not fond of getting her nails clipped, although that is one of the necessary things.