Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Unfettering the Mind

A day hike in Icicle Gorge was perfect for unfettering the mind.  The air was clean and sweet with wildflowers and Ponderosa pine.  We saw lupine, paintbrush, many Calypso orchids, and still more to come with many wildflowers just budding.  One pitch of rockclimbing and then a nice hike in warm sunshine, just the thing.

We found a good hike, a new one for the area, Icicle Gorge, which meanders along Icicle Creek with bridge crossings, through a forest of hemlock, cedar and Ponderosa, on gentle tread, to a rocky gorge where spring meltwaters roar. We enjoyed viewpoints along the way in forest and meadow with distant views of snowy peaks Jena and I remembered climbing, Grindstone, Cashmere, and others.  Today, it was lovely to stay low in the company of the creek, roaming easily on soft paths of pine needles, fanned by fragrant breezes, eyes kept sharp for wildflowers.

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