Friday, March 30, 2012

Things That Happened Because of a Good Hike

Tribal Archaeology, Umtanum Canyon
This is a wild place. We came here when the fishing was good and the camas roots were ready. We didn’t own it; in time the ashes of our cooking fires, our blood and our bones became part of the volcanic soil.  And now the rallying cries of our fierce leaders echo in the canyon walls when the falcons build their nests, our beautiful women dance in the breezes of spring in their new green dresses, our children laugh in the rapids, our drums still beat as your heart does climbing higher to our secret place. This is a wild place, we are still here.

A bangle stack of 9 distressed recycled bangles antiqued with the fine soil of Umtanum Canyon in Eastern Washington. If you visit, do it no later than mid-April. After that, it is also known as Rattlesnake Canyon. The snakes begin to stir when the night temperatures rise above freezing. And when you visit, listen for those who came there before you.


That's Umtanum Canyon in Eastern Washington.  It's a fine hike that can be as long or as short as you want it, on trail, or off.  It's dog friendly, as long as you go before the snakes wake up.  Abbie proved her stout heart by swimming a creek crossing, while I teetered over slipperly logs and tippy rocks like a total NOOB.

And a week later, I finally put up my gear and such -- and that's when Abbie found the glove.  She likes to let me know she has my glove or sock (wool preferred) by dancing in front of me with it dangling from her lips and scooting off when I reach for it.  You may not be able to hear her thoughts, but I can, it's NEENER-NEENER, you shoulda put up your stuff before now, so bribe me to get this nice wool thing back.  Slobber and tooth marks are extra.


  1. A beautiful tale ale of this amazing canyon... Those bangles are worth it in that precious dust that covers them... Lucky the lady who gets to purchase them, although they'd look hot on Steve Tyler

  2. Wow what a stack and what a story and a corgi too (that is a corgi right?)
    I wish I had your gift for describing your pieces. By the time I'm done making and listing mine, I've had it!
    Good dirt!
    xoxo Kim

  3. Abbie looks ornery! ;)

    Great description of the BangleRama!

  4. Awesome bangles! And I love the story that goes with them :D