Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wonder of Wonders!

Okay, artists and lovers of  art, what would you say if you could visit the collections of great museums all over the world, without having to go through the airport scanner?  Any day, whenever you like?  Well, indeed you can!  Visit Google Art Project, bookmark it and return again and again.  Let's see, today, I think I'll visit the Tate, or shall it be the Ufizi?  Hey, both!


  1. I'll try that, I do visit my local one in Birmingham uk, it has the most amazing collection of pre raphelite paintings, plus the smaller ikon gallery for cutting edge work- and they're both free.

  2. Wow!!! Thanks. This will take up my entire morning tomorrow, when I should be finishing unpacking. ;) Am I upset? NO. xxx, Juliette