Sunday, March 4, 2012

Late Stage Found Object Love Disorder

I love the grunge on old things, the film of dust on a mirror, the crust of rusty oxidation where the paint has chipped away from painted tin, the random, uncontrived marks of time that has passed over things that have survived its ravages.

I love things that are not easily identifiable, that provoke deep curiosity, that force us to notice them in the abstract, without context.  They write their own poetry in the imagination.

So here's a couple of shots of the most recent things I have acquired, the ones I turn around in my mind's eye as I drift off to sleep, hoping to find what they must be when they reincarnate as art.

A loop of worn ornamental cord and River Thames
pottery shards  from Fagin's Daughter, in Australia;

Animal chewed walnut husks and fossil oyster shells,  from Treasurehider, found kayaking in Chesapeake bay;

Hand carved African Mokolwane Palm Nut beads from Isle Brevelle Botanica and the veve included in packaging;

A crusty, chipped, broken folding ruler from I-can't-remember-where.

Rustic clay beads of unknown origin from BJ Supplies.

All found poking around on Etsy; check the links!


  1. Loving the palm nut beads and excited to see what you do with the ruler.

  2. Thanks for sharing the links to your 'providers'. I love what you've found!!

  3. I love all these! I love how they look together. I love yr doggie w/the guinea pig!