Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bangle-o-rama II

You say "stack" and I say "how high?"  Each time I make a set, I want to add it to the previous one --   my latest resulted in a stack of 13, so I had to add just one more.  Something about starting the project as two separate ones results in a richer color and texture when the two are joined.

Here's an arty shot of the results, all stacked up on my po' ol' mannequin hand with the crackled skin and melted fingers.

And here's a close up shot showing the array of charms.  None of yer readymades, m'dears, but an eclectic grunged-up assortment of things that an acquisitive, sharp eyed traveler might have found along the road and cobbled into a personal treasure.  Charms include: a vintage scarab souvenir, a holy medal, a bit of abalone, a peach pit with a star on it, and other bits 'n bobs of found and recycled jewelry.

1 comment:

  1. gorgeous as always! you have such a wonderful eye for mixing materials. xOx, sUz :)