Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What? No Woolies? A Guinea Pig Will Do

I was worried when I got Abbie that she would show a prey drive toward my beloved guinea pigs.

But I noticed that the piggies had become more outgoing and less fearful when I approached their corral.  I thought it could be something to do with Abbie, but still I was uncertain.  The day came for the ultimate test --
But Abbie is a good stock dog -- first introduction, Abbie looks away, politely, to show she has no hostile intentions.

Then she and Sparrow settle down for a harmonious encounter -- they may be discussing how much they both like carrots.

Little bits of harmony in our world are so precious.  Let's celebrate them!


  1. What a wonderful way to start my day...this is SO precious! Here's to harmony...Happy Leap Day - Tanya

  2. What a sweet encounter!

    I had two guinea pigs... "Runyon," and "W.B." (for woolly bear, because he was marked like a big caterpillar.) They lived for 8 and 10 years, respectively.

    Thank you for sharing your pigsperience!

    1. Oh goodness, when you can care for a piggie so well they live long and prosper, you GOTTA be a real fine person! I thought when King Rocky II lived to 8, that was good, but 10 is awesome. I think the record is 12. Folks don't often realize that piggies are not pocket pets, but exotics, who, with care, become special companions, each with a unique personality! Way to go, Melinda!

  3. He's a big guinea pig, looks like they're having a mexican stand off. I've got 2 chinese hamsters, they're really tiny and move very fast and I won't be introducing them to my cats!

  4. ...I love Guinea Pigs and the sounds they make. :o)

    ...And what wonderful photos! Harmony ROCKS! ;o)

    ...Enjoy your day!


  5. really appreciated this post as i've just adopted (or vice versa) a dog and my son aquired a guinea pig a month later, so i told him about the respectful looking away i'm not going to bite that gpigs head off the minute you are not looking - that my dog shows