Tuesday, June 25, 2013


At last.  Done as it will ever be, and much improved, I think.  It took only two trips to the Dollar Tree for small containers to wrangle those little bits of beads.  I actually wiped down a couple of shelves -- can't tell you what it was that got wiped up.   Some mysterious sticky stuff once used to alter something, with 5 years of dust encrusted.  Eewwww.  The floor has been swept.  The lap top has returned to its place after taking asylum on the dining table downstairs.  In a space like this, storage means stacking, and making means disturbing the stacks, alas.  I think The Mess is a cycle, like the Sanskrit kalpas, a unit of time encompassing birth, growth, and ultimately, destruction, in this case, full ripening of The Mess that Prevents Thought.  'Think I'll just sit here and think for awhile.


  1. Unbelievable. Pricilla, you might just be the inspiration I need...

  2. Holy crap that's scary clean and organized and ... really quite lovely. Peaceful. The quiet before the storm. Enjoy.

  3. i was thinking inspiration as well. i'll show you mine this weekend. you'll get a laugh! xoxo