Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cypridium Montanum, the Lady's Slipper

My friend Jena found this beauty alongside a trail in eastern Washington.  I am not saying more about the location because there are people who actually pick these or tear them up to take home, which destroys them.  We have many opportunities to learn to love without doing harm, and this is one.

Our planet is so precious, just filled with treasures.  


  1. I like your destash/whatever collection. not very readbetween but interestingly tribal nonetheless. maybe a little old lace here and there would up the readbet quotient... but still very cool.

  2. i grew up knowing something was very special about a lady slipper and was always in awe when i found one. to this day i am in awe as they are so rare here.the last place we saw one, a beautiful yellow one, was magical.