Friday, August 31, 2012

The Good, The Bad, and the WTF

I finally succumbed to the lure of a grab bag at St. Vinnie's.  Maybe because I couldn't see the all the stuff inside now matter how much I shook it and ya just never know . . .

Yesterday, I settled down with a good cuppa and began sorting -- picker's Nirvana, better than drugs!  It turned out to be a magical mystery tour of weird jewelry concepts and strange senses of style and scale, but you have to remember that I like to make jewelry outta bones and bullet holes, so take it cum grano salis, so to speak.  Now, that it's all sorted, I think there are awards to be awarded:

The Yuppy Preppy Republican Convention WTF Award:

I mean, really, do take your time, but can you tell me what are they?  Tie tacks for the ears?  To make a statement, wear them with a pink pin striped starched shirt and a white pleated skirt and saddle shoes.  White roll down sox optional, as are the pop beads.

The Saturday Night Fever Pie Plates and Door Knockers for the Ears WTF Award:

Well, with all those shoulder pads and dropping hemlines, the larger scale was sensible, and we did think our waists seemed smaller by contrast.  But, please.  Extreme exercise of the imagination may provide a way to upcycle these, but it may take a while.

Baby, You've Withstood the Test of Time Award. 

There's some appeal here, and they will destash or get ripped up and turned into something else.  If I could read the maker's marks, I'd tell you the brands, and that could add to their vintage value.  BTW, even the WTFs provide good parts.  You get to make the choice -- go up to the first pic and let me know which ones you would choose.  I would award some sort of pissed-off award to that brooch with the blue headlights and the Whiting-Davis mesh that is ham-fisted soldered to the back so I can't get at it without damage.   The big tiger-striped squares may have some use for a bracelet once Pam sends me the animal cracker tin.  All in all, this sort of thing is a good exercise to give your imagination a chance to get up and get out of the box.  The box being your idea of ugly.  You know, really, what's ugly?  If it is, can you redeem it?  Can you make a silk purse out of a sow's ear?

PS:  Follow the links in this post, dears -- they are interesting and edifying!

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