Monday, August 6, 2012

Dye Baby Brothers and Sisters

These dye babies are 10 inches long and based on the pattern I made for the little ones, below.  They are made of recycled, hand dyed textiles, old buttons, and stuffed with sawdust from the local lumber store.

Oh dear, it's so early this morning and the coffee hasn't taken effect, so if this seems rather dull, that's how I wake up.  Dull until the miracle of caffeine.  Better living through the rain forest.

Those brown corduroy shorts were made from an old handbag and the wear and tear on them is excellent.  All the fabrics were over dyed in a bucket on my back porch, a perfect hot weather thing to do, with walnut, alkanet, osage orange and madder.  When the blackberries ripen, I'll use them for dye, too.

The next batch of sisters will be tomboys, I promise!  The aprons are cute, but ...  Why would a girl need an apron?

Brother playing pirate, with a tattoo and eye patch.  He is the last one I made of this batch and reminded me that I had my own pirate fantasies as a kid, so let's rethink those aprons and skirts.

Still, you have to admit that girly look is cute.  Here's a Sister with quilt scrap dress and a bow.  She looks happy enough.  Definitely pre Title Nine, though.

Okay, this Brother is a smirky little bratty type but he's a mid-century modern innocent.

Here's that Sister you may remember, always in the prettiest dresses and just right.  Good grief, I can remember the days when girls wore dresses every day.

We've come a long way, dye baby!


  1. i love these darling lil dolls...your so talented

  2. ...Oh my, the Sister with quilt scrap dress and a bow? Her and I would be bff's. ;o)

    ...These are adorable! Imagination, creativity & talent abound here! :o)

    ...Have a lovely rest o' the day!


  3. how wonderful! i really enjoy seeing your sculptures.

  4. whoa- been waaaay too long since i visited! I think my faves are the little scrap dolls- so tiny!
    and the pix of the doggeh. i try to tell ppl when they need a dog in their lives, but if they've never had one they dont believe me when i say its better than therapy or anything. instant joy injection every single time you even glance at them.
    one more thing and then i'll shush. why dont you have an etsy mini of your shop? hmm?