Friday, August 3, 2012

Dye Babies and Lap Top Teddies

Now I have added to the pile of putter work these  itty-bitty bears with old mother of pearl button joints, stuffed with sawdust and just the right size to sit on the edge of your lap top to soften up the environment a little bit.  Again, they're made with bits from my experimental dye pot, so I am calling them, along with the little scrappies,  dye babies, at least for now.

They're so small, all the stitching is by hand, but the little pinches and puffs of fabric really add personality.

Another wonderful source on dye, and especially on all the different techniques possible, such as composting (yes, vegetable peels and all), you must visit Kimberly Baxter Packwood.  I recommend her tutorials available on line as .pdfs, excellent guides for exploration.  Imagine dyeing in a wheelbarrow, in a plastic bag with banana peels and rusty nails, the microwave or freezer -- these are all definite possibilities!

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  1. They are cut guys and I loved the little raggy dolls you made last time