Wednesday, March 18, 2015

When a door closes . . .

Etsy, now becoming a corporate behemoth, has recently chased off the intuitive healers who had offered their services there. One of them, Nay Ho Tze, helped me through my darkest winter with nutritional advice and her hand succosed flower remedies. I keep her Rescue Remedy (she is a Bach practitioner) on hand for emergencies and find it much more effective than the store-bought kind. Nay puts spiritual energy into her personally formulated blends. Her nutritional advice is sound, and wouldn't offend your doctor. And then there are her hand works, bespoke garments (she recently made a ribbon shirt that was worn in a Native leader's address to the UN), and greeting cards.  Oh, she is a writer and poet, and for me, a source of reliable news on the Native American community. She also taught me to talk to trees and listen to them.

Gnarly Horse Chestnut in Spring: "I have lived long, and may be twisted with age, missing a few limbs, but I bear fruit, every year in season."

So, Etsy's closing door, became Nay Ho Tze's open window; she took a large step into her own website, and I recommend a visit.

Nay Ho Tze and I have become, needless to say, friends, so I wanted to introduce her to you.  Tap this link!


  1. Following your link (Tap this link!) takes one to the definition of succosed - was that intentional? ;) I would have liked to meet Nay Ho Tze...