Monday, March 30, 2015

Wearable Textile Assemblage

My second long zipper textile assemblage, "April Showers," with recycled antique and vintage cloth, antique lace and tatting. Along one side I have a strip of linen on which I have written "keep on looking for the bluebird and listen for his song," a line from the old song. French knots and antique silvered seed beads act as random rain drops. The soft bangle set started with the intensively layered and stitched "corsage" wristlet of old lace and tattered textiles, lined, and fastened with snaps. Added to that, three beaded bangles with charms, and a 40's era brass toothed khaki, most likely military, zipper, with a chandelier crystal hanging from the pull, also fastened with snaps.

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