Thursday, March 12, 2015

La Cousette

Just off the bench, a garland suitable for wear or display. The "instigating piece" (Keith LoBue's turn of phrase) is the pyrographed and painted wooden case, which once held attar of roses, a souvenir of Bulgaria.  I captured it in hand wrought steel, added a red glass rosary with a ribbon needle, a fragment of necklace with hand painted roses, my kumihimo braid of old sewing thread, a delicious strawberry pin cushion, which I made myself, of silk velvet shibori; mother of pearl and bone buttons, and at the last, an antique tailor's thimble, which is seen in the more recent first photo, above.


  1. I'm in love with the steel cap that you made over the wooden case. And the strawberry pin cushion!

  2. To all who would like to make a strawberry pincushion, just cut a half circle of the size you want, then seam the sides together, gather stitch the top and pull in, then fill (I used sawdust, but usually they were emery to sharpen pins), pull tight, and add the cap. The cap is a circle with 8 divisions, just fold & cut, then add the seed beads, free-hand.

  3. Somewhere on Etsy I recently saw emery powder for sale...
    Beautifully engineered, Patricia!