Thursday, January 16, 2014

It's Official! I Have Changed My (Etsy Shop) Name!

It is "yesdearsister."  Reasons of my own; let's just say it's words I want to hear and this is one way to be sure I get my wish in this lifetime.  And it will help you know how to respond to any of my advice, as well.  The irony of it all:  I tried all kinds of variations on simply my name and surname, but none were available.  Hah!

So, it's still the same mix and style as old readbetweenlines, but I think the name is a lot more fun (surely is for me) and not as irrelevant (at least not for me).

My dear, you must try wearing more interesting and unique, nay, statement, jewelry.  Yes dear sister.

You see?  Works for me!