Friday, January 3, 2014

A Plague of Possibilities Strikes Virtuous Marcia


The other stopper, with the mirrored chandelier part, just didn't work out; for one thing, just not sturdy enough, and for another, it didn't "click." When you have a pile of hoarded found things and parts to use, too many possibilities can weaken your focus -- it's endemic!  So I dismantled the stopper and made another with a crazy weird old Bakelite button that seems to work better. Then, when I attached the chain for suspension and it draped across the front, I rather liked the effect, which lead to another layer of quanderies selecting a fob, or no fob.  I settled on a pretty lampworked bead after picking through my box of keys, milagros, charms and such.  It seems to like cozying up to the illustration and the button, with dots echoing form and color.  I am putting Marcia away for the day now, to let her cook slowly overnight, and maybe in the morning the matter will be settled.  We'll see.

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