Tuesday, January 28, 2014

All Done, a Downton Abbey Inspired Necklace

I finished it off with two spliced chains and a beaded necklace, made with more of the antique seed beads interspersed with darker, matte finish purple beads, in an Edwardian-inspired manner. The hook clasp is finished with one antique carved bone rose bud bead.  All the parts are old or odd or salvaged, or all of that, and you wouldn't think it could be as elegant as it is.  I am thinking of calling it "Below Stairs," or something that refers to those lives spent in service, so close to wealth and elegance and yet so far away.  Soon to be listed in my Etsy shop, maybe even today.


  1. Ah, it's so lovely! How fun to see this come together over the past few posts. I love how you described it, in those last couple of sentences here. That's the magic of jewelry like this, with parts sourced from unexpected places. ♥

  2. pretty nice blog, following :)