Friday, August 23, 2013

We Need Smell-o-Vision

My friend Al brought me some plums from a crop that is cluttering up his yard and drawing bees. A dozen of them, plums, that is.  This means it's dessert time here at Fort Readbetweenlines.  An easy recipe found here.  Pure midwestern soul.  Now, to brew a fresh cup of coffee.  Maybe some cream on top? It's time for elevenses in the Great Northwest.

Fragrant, bubbly, crispy on top, gooey underneath
sweet and tart, ruby fruit, honey amber crust--
Jewelry for the tummy.

PS:  It's a good idea to slip the skins off the fresh plums for cooking, since the skins will make the plums more bitter than when they are fresh.  Not sure why this is so, but it seems to be the case. To peel them, boil water, briefly spin the plum in it and quickly dunk in ice water.  This will make the skin slip right off. It works for peaches and tomatoes, too.

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