Monday, August 26, 2013

The Watch Cat Antique Chocolate Mold Assemblage Necklace

I had a watch cat once, when I lived in an upstairs apartment.  She would go to the door and growl when she heard people in the hallway.  Really.  She had been rescued from a dumpster, and I think she was going to defend her good home.

Here's a necklace made with an antique chocolate mold which I oxidized, and then foiled the eyes for a little drama and fun. It is half chain, half tied-on antique lame soutache braid. All the beads have been salvaged, some from an old rosary, some are seeds, some wood, some glass, and one tiger eye, linked into a chain assembly and then linked to the soutache.  A salvaged spring ring clasp is just next to the bird charm, in the front, so you don't have to untie the beautiful textile part. I added a perching bird charm and some bells, not loud ones; they make the softest little sound.

I collaged the inside of the mold with a scrap of from an old children's reader, to add a bit of weight and interest.

I think it wears well and it's very comfortable,
light-weight, and dainty.


  1. Love the kitty - especially the eyes! Wish the photos were bigger though - they're really teeny tiny on the ipad ...

  2. What a sweet piece, I love it!! I too had a watch cat, not all are as lucky as us. I had that cat before I got married to my ex and I didn't listen to her when she told me that I was about to make a very bad mistake.

  3. i was just thinking "all that work chasing and reppouse and really it looks wonderful but a lot like a candy mold" lol! i love it! that cat is adorable and i love your story about your watch cat.

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  5. I was just gonna say that if I start to chase or repousse on tin or steel, we'll need a Nobel prize for metalsmithing! Because it will hurt all over and such suffering should be rewarded, is why.

  6. Your work is lovely, and so are your stories. So glad to have found you via your recent Etsy treasury. I had a watch cat once also...a beautiful female Siamese kitty named "Baby", and she kept constant guard over our house and my daughter. I once even saw her place herself between my young daughter and a great dane dog, in order to protect her. Would not have believed it had I not seen it happen. Now THAT's a watch cat!!