Sunday, March 24, 2013

One Never Knows

Here's the music:

I struggled with both of these, unsure of their appeal, although I liked them for myself, but y'know I am kinda different, fashionwise.

The baby tintype pendant is a collage of antique text, tintype and tin, in the form of a gauge with dial and pointer, sealed in encaustic, suspending a nice old brass jingle bell.  A study of infancy and memory, that sat for a long time on my bench trying to grow up.  It's strung on waxed linen, knotting beads of natural, off white magnesite with a sprinkling of boxy clear dendritic agate.

The other piece has a pendant of sea pottery with a collage of the face of Louis Pasteur's granddaughter, Camille, taken from an antique steel engraving, again knotted on natural linen with gorgeous small nuggets of natural angel skin coral.

Both pieces were inspired by the vintage box catches I found on Etsy at The Paris Carousel, the kind I remember from necklaces I was given as a child.  And the nostalgic mystery of memories from infancy and childhood.  There's actually believed to be a term of "infantile amnesia" during which memories don't form, but you couldn't prove it by me.  I can remember back to sleeping in a crib, and the day my brother was born, when  I was less than 2 years old.  At least some things, not a continuous story, which is where the mystery comes in.  Why remember some things and not others?


They were meant to be layered, together, or with other pieces, or alone.  And I had not a clue whether anybody else might like them.  Well, surprise, surprise; they were gone from my shop before the fresh baked listing cooled off, headed to a new neckline with Blessed 5x, who has a beautiful shop of her own on Etsy.

To quote the immortal Fats Waller,"one never knows, do one?"


  1. Such sweet necklaces and I love the story behind them! Thank you so much for giving my little shoppe a shout-out too! I'm so happy to know those tiny clasps inspired such creativity and success for you! I will keep an eye on your beautiful designs from now on. :) Robyn / The Paris Carousel

  2. love the quote. always love your creativity. inspiring!