Monday, March 18, 2013

Late Winter, snow, Rain, Moss, and the Bobcat's Gift

I had a refreshing hike along the Iron Horse Trail, which is a reclaimed railway line that runs "mountains to sound" from Eastern Washington, over Snoqualmie Pass, and down through wooded hills on the way to Puget Sound.

Jena, Abbie and I ambled along the blessedly flat section that runs from a trailhead at Hwy. 18, over the bridges and rushing streams, past the old Ragnar siding, to the glorious, great, wild big leaf maple tree that grows by the falls of Boeztke Creek, to reassure ourselves that she is sending out fat buds, and she is.

We turned around just about a mile past that spot, at about 4 miles, and wandered back along the same route.  We got pelted with graupel, a form of snow, even though temps were relatively warm, in the high 40s.  Mountain weather is changeable and strange, especially as spring approaches.

By a thickly upholstered mossy boulder along side the trail, a likely spot to stop for a bit of lunch and hot tea, I rested my cup and thermos, poured out a deliciously warming cup of chai, and noticed on the dark leaf litter, oh my! Jena, look at this!  A bobcat's claw sheath.  No sign, though of kitty scratches on that mossy boulder.

Really, it's a small miracle.  What is the likelihood of such a treasure being found by a found object artist with a good supply of resins and a head full of wonder?  It must be a sign.

It's about half an inch long. Too short for a cougar and too long for a house cat.  I've seen bobcat sign in the area before.

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  1. magical if i must say. sounds like a beautiful hike. xoxo