Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Less is Better

Here's a closeup of the bangle collaged with a corner of the Pompadour portrait. I love the fragmentary look of the papers, as though well worn, for a long, long time.

On second thought, though, I think the set is much better as just thee, not five, and the three of them that tell the story best -- the thin, patterened bangle with the holy medal suspended from a vintage brass link, the beaded one with the tea dyed lace bow and tatting, and the bangle, all very evocative, and much more so together, without the other two distracting the eye.

The artist who painted the lady was Fancois Boucher, in 1756. Such sumptuous  fabrics and flowers, you could almost smell roses and jasmine, touch the fine satin and laces, alas, long ago, so long ago.


  1. I love it! and yeah, sometimes when you remove something it leaves focus on the thing that you wanted focus on.... i talks good.