Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Snowy Day & Dog Yoga

We woke up to a fresh load of Cascade Concrete this morning.  That's the stuff that is very wet, almost rain, definitely not powder, that freezes up over night and demands metal edges on your cross country skis, not to mention special wax.

No snow closure at the bird feeder. This morning I had visits from chestnut back chickadees, mountain chickadees, juncos, song sparrow, rosy breasted nuthatch and a very jaunty, but shy, red eyed towhee.

But still the dang squirrel problem. The eastern gray squirrel is not a nice creature; it raids birds' nests, eats eggs and young.  Abbie is still out of commission and can't do squirrel patrol as usual, so I keep an eye out, but it's hopeless. We need more effective squirrel control!

Abbie is getting better every day, and I think she will return to full abilities, although there must be restriction of stairs and jumping. Here she is working on a good rawhide bone treat, in the full flying squirrel posture (feet straight back, pads in full view, too cute), evidence that her back is pain free. Before her surgery, she would do the half flying squirrel posture only, favoring a painful lower back.

I'm gradually pecking away at the dreadful mess in my studio. I have a load of new tools coming soon, and want to be able to work there without the distraction of chaos creeping into my peripheral vision.

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