Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Abyssal Chimera


A torch fired enamel I made in Ken Bova's class at the Ranch, set in a layered assembly of copper, tube rivets and nickel (German silver) with a stainless steel pin stem and a tube-set citrine.  I used some recycled leather to insulate the enamel, which should help protect it from chipping.  There was minor soldering involved here, just to secure the pin assembly and the stone setting.  And guess what?  The enamel is all either white or black, with firing technique causing wonderful color changes.  That's a specialty of Ken's, and you should see what he does with this style of enameling, which he teaches in workshops like the one I attended.


  1. ...There is no end to your talent - that is beautiful! :o)

    ...I especially love the lil' gemstone touch, it really brings the whole piece together.

    ...Have a lovely day!

    ...Blessings. :o)

  2. if i didn’t love you so much i’d hate you.
    seriously envious of your stellar talent....