Monday, December 3, 2012

Abbie Has Surgery

My lively, dancing corgi, Abbie, had a bad spell of back pain just after Thanksgiving. We went to the emergency vet and were told she had signs of IVDD, or a possible ruptured disc. After a couple of days of conservative care with pain treatment, I began to see that it was necessary to know exactly what the problem was and what could be done to bring my girl back to her jolly self. Pain affects our personalities, you know.  I'm lucky that my friend Kumi works for one of the best veterinary neurosurgeons in our area, and she set up an appointment for us at Seattle Veterinary Specialists. After an excellent checkup and consult, we scheduled her for an MRI, and found she had a ruptured disc, a frequent malady of corgis and dachsunds, as well as humans. Next, my girl went to surgery, where the surgeon, Dr. Sean Sanders, removed the portion of the disc that was pressing on her spine.  Now she's home, with discharge papers, pages of instructions and lots of pills.  She has to be kept resting for the next 6 weeks, which means she's in the penalty box, poor baby, and she is assisted to the backyard business with the help of a supporting sling.

Here she is, with the zipper installed.  Please send some healing vibrations so we can go hiking in 2013!

She still barks when someone knocks at the door, appetite is undiminished, and once again can roll over on her side for belly rubs, and I am giving lots of those!

About the pills, friends.  You may think you can hide them in peanut butter or whatever, but they have a way of showing up again in the next few hours, mysteriously peanut butter free.  Puhtoooeee!  Go to the pet goodies place and get Pill Pockets and save yourself the frustration.  


  1. Healing prayers for Abbie. I'm sure there are lots of
    folks wanting to leave hopeful comments. For some reason
    it took me several tries to get this to go thru.
    Take care!

  2. Aw shucks were both in the same spot... Warm hugs and good vibes sent your way.

  3. AWWWWW-
    abbei with her crazy huge scar! poor behbeh. My dog growing up had seizures and we stuck his pills in hot dog bits. whenever anyone went to take a tylenol he'd hear the pill box and come running all excited. aw, that brought up some fuzzy memories. and he lived to be 18 despite the med's toxicity to the kidneys so im sure abbie has years of belly rubs ahead.
    give her a snorgle for me.