Wednesday, April 25, 2012

O Good Grief Another Bangle Stack

I found a faux concha belt in a thrift store and thought it would be good to cannibalize.  It was made of steel and had lots of sturdy parts.  All it took to make the bangle here was to whack it on the horn of my anvil with a leather mallet until it curved properly.  I then altered it with a riveted-on mask charm and attached a bangle that handily fit the holes on either side and finished with a handmade charm.

It's called La Bruja as a tribute to Fanciful Devices, who sent me the Uruguayan $10 bill that covers one of these bangles.  Marina is definitely the sorceress of the bangle stack!

There's a link to her blog over to the right of this column.

This new set is so richly detailed and unique you may not want to wear them all at once, or you may want to cast a spell and pile them on. 

The plentiful charms include a corazon milagro, souvenir Egyptian faience pharonic charms, a netted bottle with mysterious contents sealed and collaged with a fragment of antique text, wrapped sari silk, a seabird femur, the repurposed concha with lac bead and tin charm, a recycled iridescent shell inlay bangle a bit better for the wear, and a British two pence coin.   All the bangles were then antiqued with desert canyon dirt for that look of archaeological antiquity and sealed with encaustic resin.  And I thought I would quit  making them after the last stack . . .


  1. i think you da queen of the stacks.

  2. I LOVE these!!!!!! (drooling and counting my pennies)
    xoxo Juliette

  3. Yep, queen of the stacks. So eclectic!

    What is it with blogger?!? I had to reload the page like 6 times to get the comment box to stay put. Grrrrr.

  4. And you are la bruja's apprentice, quite obviously, with a teensy bit of bangle addiction - which is a good thing. Great work.

  5. You must have meant that to read "Another FABULOUS Bangle Stack!"