Monday, February 28, 2011

The Visitation

Ya’ll coulda swore you left Aunt Hessie back at the old home place, up on the hill at Perpetual Rest, when the family moved west, but now here she is, putting off that soft old scent she wore, carrying her handbag and trailing tatters of lace.  She never left the county once in her whole life, but you might say now she’s a free spirit, and she knows where you live.

Scented Door Knob Doll, with old mother (or auntie?) of pearl buttons, tatters of lace, and a sweet old dried rosebud, stuffed with dried rose petals, Spanish moss, and my special blend, Northwest Gothic, composed of patchouli, balsam, cedar and lavender.  Left on your boudoir door, she’ll alert you with a soft clatter and wisp of fragrance when the door moves.

You’ll never be home alone again, BWA HA HA!!  Just listed at my Etsy shop.

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