Sunday, February 13, 2011

Neo Victorian Allegorical Salvage Cuff

The story of Cupid (Eros) and Psyche has been adopted by Jungians for an allegory of the journey of a woman to individuation -- Venus was jealous of Psyche's pure beauty and imposed her will in the relations between Cupid, her son, and Psyche. To win permission from Venus, Cupid went on strike and refused to fire his golden arrows. After months of no one — man or animal — falling in love, marrying, or mating, the Earth starts to grow old, which causes concern to Venus, for nobody praises her for Cupid's actions. Finally, she agrees to listen to Cupid's demands, according him one thing to have his own way. Cupid desires Psyche. Venus, upset, agrees to his demands only if he begins work immediately. He accepts the offer and takes off, shooting his golden arrows as fast as he can, restoring everything to the way it should be. People again fall in love and marry, animals far and wide mate, and the Earth begins to look young once again. Here, in this reconstructed antique drawer pull, Cupid lies sleeping. When he awakes, that is, when love is in action, the Earth can become young again.   This piece is actually an antique drawer pull escutcheon that has been altered to hold the inlaid resin image of Cupid.

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  1. Pricilla,
    Your blog is lovely and this cuff is really
    sweet.. hope to see you at the ARt-is Retreat!