Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Androgyne

Australia is the first nation to issue a passport to a person with gender unspecified.  This rustic necklace celebrates the idea that one need not shoehorn oneself into strictly defined genders of male or female, but that we all fall somewhere on a continuum, just as temperatures range from cold to hot.  My idea here is that whoever you are, you are Hot! 

 A fine old porcelain hot water faucet handle, no telling how long hidden in the ground, emerges as an audacious pendant, with agate and moonstone inlay, hanging from a hand wrought steel chain, with rough nuggets of howlite to cushion the neck.  It’s quite hefty, and you could defend yourself with it if it came to that – but I am thinking the times are changing and we can all benefit by accepting each other, even when we don’t understand.  Open your hearts, my friends.  And three cheers for the Aussies!


  1. Coming from fanciful devices, the praise is giving me goosebumps! No need for jealousy because the field of your imagination is broad and deep. Honest. You are my fave.

  2. Great piece and celebration of a wonderful event- we are pretty funny and unique down here. Although our prime minister said that same sex marriage is un-Australian. (Un-Australian is the biggest put-down in Australia.)
    Either way, cool piece.

  3. i love this piece and i love what it represents! great post!

  4. I came across you some time ago, bookmarked you, and never got back to see what you are about. SO glad to have come across you again, and this time I won't loose you. Absolutely love your art!And your words!!!