Sunday, February 8, 2015

Seven Star Neckpiece

Here's a curious embellishment for the neckline.  A collarette of contemporary glass beads and found things, including milagro, measuring tape, bits of 19th c. text, end papers, a hand fashioned copper bail, a steel thing found in the street, a Victorian mourning button, and a number 7 key from an adding machine, which I expect is made of Bakelite.  Surprisingly pretty on, and when you turn it over, there's a steel engraved illustration of a little girl with her pull toy, from an 1800s children's book and my initials faintly scratched on the back of the star, by way of signing my work.


  1. The collage,quality of,this really inspires me. Makes me wanna do some layered collage thing. I also really dig the strand and closure.

  2. Your sense of bricolage always astounds me...its really quite wonderful. (I dig the closure too.)