Sunday, January 25, 2015

What IS that Thang?

What IS that thang? Fancifuldevices of Etsy sent this safety pin to me along with an order. You will note a scrap of striped cloth caught in the teeth of the clamp. Near as I can figure, it's some sort of strap device, possibly from overalls, dunno, but I love it. It's brass. Marina says it is French. It has somehow bumped up against some elements that had been quite lonely until it appeared. Now it is a lapel pin for your favorite artisanal handyperson, possibly yourself, and nice for a valentine gift. Yes, you should give yourself a valentine. Click here if you want it: for only the most discriminating bricoleur, of course.

A word about the other components, a silver hand charm, apparently hand made, a bit of a propeller blade that showed up in a button box; don't know if it was part of a fan or a toy airplane, and a disc punched from a graniteware dishpan I found in the desert, rusted, crushed, and shot full of genuine cowboy bullet holes. This dear little thang just fell together while I was trying to make a bracelet. Go figure!

It is approximately 2-1/2 inches long by width of pin, about 2-3/4.

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