Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I get a kick out of doing my own packaging. It's all from recycled cardboard and 1912 magazine pages. The paper is long past its use-by date, so it cracks and tears and makes for a great shabby look. The fragments of old poetry and ad copy often come together in unexected, funny ways. I have an old sea trunk full of ephemera destined for this use and for collages. Well, I see the little boxes as a great exercise in construction, but also as 3D collages.

Here's an order, wrapped and ready to package for the post.

There's an added satisfaction:  this is entirely post-use recycling, not plastic, and won't end up in the carcass of an albatross or a fish's belly.

In the background is a sachet that I like to include as a lagniappe, filled with patchouli leaves, rose petals, red cedar shavings, lavender and balsam fir.  It makes for a good, natural, sweet-smelling way to repel insects and scent your closet all at once.


  1. omygosh i love it so much! great idea!

    i'm constantly trying to find ways to make my packages more interesting.

  2. You can alter existing boxes, or make your own. I do both. It takes some extra time, but the packaging becomes a favor you give your valued customer. And it is good practice in design and construction.

  3. So lovely! Opening one of your packages must feel like finding a long lost treasure.