Friday, June 27, 2014

An Experiment With Tin

I am experimenting with Deb Karash's way of coloring metal with Prismacolor pencils, only on tin. If it works, it will be faboo, if not, then I have made pretty garbage, but it's worth a try.  One of the limitations of working with tin is finding just the right print for the piece you want to make.  Again, if this works, that'll be one less limitation.  This piece failed the first time I tried to assemble it because the pin stem wouldn't stay put.  I redesigned that to go on with rivets, and will be careful to locate it where it doesn't bump up against the top layer when everything goes together.  This is Abyssal Anglerfish No. 3.  It takes multiple tries to get something just right, and anyway, I want to make a whole series of them.  I'll post the result when it's finished.

PS:  Did I mention no-solder, only-cold-connections?  If you want the straight skinny of rivets, turn to the man I call "Maestro," Keith LoBue, who is doing an online class on just that subject.

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  1. have i already mentioned how talented you are? what an inspiration!