Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Progress Report: Toggle

Gentlemen's watch chains had toggles that anchored the chain and watch to a button hole.  Under that, there was a fob, which functioned as a counterweight to pull the toggle against the back of the button hole and thus added security.  The assembly I am planning will still have the toggle, but it will act as a closing device, slipping into the bail of the stop watch.  That way, the whole assembly can be worn around one's neck, or just as the old pocket watches with chains were, with the watch in a pocket and the chain draped across the belly and fob dangling attractively.  In old days, the fobs became sumptuary objects d'art for display of one's wealth and taste.  I like using the marble for that, myself.  It's a sumptuous marble.

This toggle is an unused horse shoe nail with a tie wire bail riveted to it.  The two brass rivets will show on the front as both ornamental and functional elements.  

Tomorrow, the chain, if my new looping pliers arrive.

Notice that the gun blue really showed up this time, with a peacock play of color?

This will be a fun piece for a woman or for a fine, dressed-up dandy.

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  1. Love seeing your process - your skills are awesome! Can't wait to see the completed piece.