Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Hand III

All done, at least for this phase.  The work was lightly planished and sawed free, with a tab at the top for attachment.  With the hand in this position, the mudra represents "blessing offered."  I oxidized it with liver of sulfur and then waxed it to stabilize the oxidation.  

The piece measures 1-3/4 inches by 1 inch.

It is possible to get a much finer, smoother finish when planishing, but it is also possible to overdo it and lose the vitality of the work, which is, in many respects, a drawing, and needs the lines and textures to stay expressive.  Leave flawlessness to the machines, I say, and learn when to stop.

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  1. Beautiful and soulful....Yes! i have no problem with leaving perfect to the machines...