Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Simple Eye

More struggles with simplicity.  Remember the simple, graphic black-and-white eye from Ken Bova's class? Here it is, as a pendant on another simple steel chain.

Usually, enamelled pieces are set in bezels or given the sort of treatment that protects the edges from chipping, and I know that was a "should" here. But! I found all that just too distracting, and I like it as-is, presented as an evil eye charm, and not too fussy.

I would love to explore this technique, torch-fired enameling, more deeply, and one of these days, when I have a better studio setup, I will. The main necessity would be good ventilation; something more than an open window, and after that, a good technical torch set.

Meanwhile, it's still lovely to play with simple presentation and strong graphic quality.

This little necklace is 22 inches long, approximately, give or take a fraction or so, and would layer nicely with a string of beads or the hand necklace below, and there's room to add another charm or charms if I ever feel the need to complicate things.

And it could be that I'll end up making a setting for it, but I'd like to wear test it first.

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