Monday, September 17, 2012

My Place in Heaven Is Assured

I cleaned out the fridge!  After removing all the science projects, it looks spick and span, or ship shape and Bristol fashion, but the pickin's are slim. You have to admire the reflection of that can of Crisco, don't you?

The project really took off when I realized that with such a sunny, dry day as today, I could take all the shelves and trays and bins out on the deck and take the pressure washer to them.  It just blew away all the gunk.

Now I am feeling virtuous, but I need to get out to the grocery store.

Abbie, of course need do nothing to earn her place Up There.  I'm her project and she is pretty good at redeeming humans -- they start to wonder what did they do to deserve such a sweet friend, and then start trying to live up to it.  That's what earns her place.  Works for me!


  1. Excuse me while I go after my sunglasses. There's just so much shiny glare coming from that fridge. 8-)

    Pressure washer! What a great idea!

    Abbie and her halo. So cute. :)

  2. Did you do an environmental impact study prior to cleaning? I have to when I clean cos there is always stuff in the back feeding its young :)

  3. Wow use a pressure cleaner just bring that baby in the house next time

    1. We should have slanted floors with drains in them and then we could just hose those dust bunnies into oblivion!