Sunday, September 16, 2012

Autumn Equinox (On the Cusp)

In a week, I'll begin another year,  my 70th year.  Who would have thought such a thing? Shocking.  But I had best get used to it, because if I am lucky, there will be more, and with them more losses. September always sets me off; my birthdate has managed to collide with many tragic losses.  Oh, I won't make the list, but I am feeling a bit like this leaf, found this morning, walking with Abbie -- tear stained and getting crispy around the edges, but still green, mostly.

The mind is so odd and incomplete -- we know we are mortal, but can't understand it. We know  about age, passing time and its encroachments, but we can never truly accept them.

So here it is, wabi sabi autumn, my birthday, and long thoughts about impermanence, and the beauty that is implicit there.  It's a lonely feeling, sometimes, thinking, trying to understand, the one thing we can't comprehend.  It just remains a mystery, how we can think of aeons of time, even measure them, and yet be so perishable ourselves.

It needs a sound track; click these and enjoy some September blues:

La-de-da, de-la-de-dum 'tis autumn.  Bob Dorough with the lyrics here.

Call the north wind to come on out  . . . to shout, la-da-de-la-de-dum, 'tis autumn.

The falling leaves drift by my window.  Those autumn leaves of red and gold.


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  2. i want to wish you a happy birthday and tell you that your leaves are gorgeous as are the photos. as are you! <3

  3. i cant believe yr almost 70 (happy pre b-day!!!) and are so.... cool! and un-old-lady-like. boggling. makes me happy that im not the only one who is way too young for my age.

  4. Happy almost 70 to I am dipping my toes into the 60's I totally get your feelings. Most days it
    tends to make me did I get to be this age? There was a time when it seemed ancient. I am loving this age, as I am sure you are as well. Wonder what the 90's will bring?

  5. Happy birthday, Priscilla!

    I'm not too far behind you, and have been having some of the same musings. For me, I find it best not to dwell on them, but to push on...there's creating to be done & we must not waste any time. ♥

    Autumn is my very favorite season & your leaves/berries are gorgeous.

  6. Happy everything to you.... You've touched my heart.. Thank you for the beautiful Ela's song... Bittersweet feelings...