Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm in Print!

My fibula made it into Brenda Schweder's latest book from Lark Press, Steel Wire Jewelry -- that's my fibula in the lower right corner of page 23!  And it's also my photograph of the piece (not the same as the one to the left).  I couldn't be more pleased.  But even more pleasing is the whole book with many hints about working in my favorite medium, steel wire, and lots of examples of the work of other artists, as well.  Do yourself a favor and order a pre-release copy , since the book is already making waves.  It has been produced with the great graphic quality Lark is known for, and it is bound to be a mainstay in many artists' bookshelves.  Even luckier, I got to attend a workshop with Brenda at The Ranch in Snohomish, Washington, for 3 days of projects and advice from Brenda, who is an excellent teacher, and generous with sharing her expertise.  It's been an all-around fine experience for me, and I am looking forward to more work in steel.

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