Friday, January 7, 2011

Filling Marionette Lines -- Doll Facial Rejuvination Process


She was getting rather tired waiting for Valentino, and the ennui was beginning to show.  Time for the facial rejuvenation.  Polyester fiber fill is hypoallergenic, and ecologically friendly since it's can be made of recycled plastic; you can see her languor is preserved, but she has lost the slumping cheeks, so perhaps her sheik will remember where her tent is.

Inspired by that old 20s tune (since I got a nice new Uke for Christmas, I am paying attention to such things), "Sheik of Araby," with apologies for ethnocentric misunderstanding those people of the Middle East must endure from us, please just consider it an artifact, just like Aunt Jemima pancakes, and such.  We really meant no harm (at least I think our folks didn't -- it was just sheer insensitivity, you know, unquestioned beliefs?), and we are paying a bit more attention these days, and, I hope, too, more respect, to the culture that brought us Rumi, Algebra, exquisite art, music, and great mysteries that seem to continue to perplex us.  Inshallah, we shall one day all be brothers and sisters, as we should.

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