Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Jewelry Making Time Again ...

I've revived a dainty rose bead (real petals used) necklace, and put it up on Etsy.  Very girly, totally unique and affordable as well. 

Time to give the dollies a rest and play with some of my favorite jewelry parts, which are begging to become something more.  Like this curious etched piece that I made in a Keith LoBue class ---

It's "Mr. Wind" blowing up a storm, image from a very old Bell Telephone brochure, patinated to the natural verdigris color, in jeweler's bronze.  (River rock not included.)  So, it's off to new adventures in my workroom.  For me, jewelry is always adventurous and filled with interest and story telling.  It will be fun to see how Mr. Wind ends up, and I'll keep you posted.

Scale:  4.5 cm x 2.5; 20ga.

PS:  I like the rock, too.  Looks like an asteroid at this scale, doesn't it?  Both these picks enlarge if you click them, and then the rock is full of craters!

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