Saturday, November 1, 2014

Winter Sigil


An amulet to help with surviving gloomy, wet days of the Northwest winter:  hazel twigs, cold forged horseshoe nail, operculum, found object, rosary fragment, and a crusty glass spike from Numinosity Beads.  The components provide several layers of magical protection: the twigs act as a guardian, the nail an enhancer of powers, and the operculum, much like an evil eye, provides protection and stability.  Add hot ginger tea, eat your greens and take extra Vitamin D and some hikes, even with umbrella, and you should make it to spring.  I call it "Sigil,"for its powers and calligraphic quality.


  1. Priscilla, you can do more with an iron horseshoe nail than anyone I've seen....

  2. That nail is amazing! I don't know what an operculum is but this is glorious.