Saturday, July 12, 2014

Abyssal Anglerfish IV

This is the last of the series, I think.  This time the lady has company.  This species is strongly dimorphic, so that you wouldn't recognize the male anglerfish, who lives attached to the female and exists simply to provide for reproduction.  So I have made a tiny greenish one that attaches with a magnet, to provide some additional play to the piece.  It can be stuck anywhere, you see, say, near the mouth as potential dinner, or on the body, or not worn at all and used only when the piece is displayed.  I love the idea of jewelry as a toy, a doll, a plaything!


  1. sweet! i love that it's interactive. xoxo

  2. AMAZING!!! this is amazing. all you new cut metal pieces are amazing. i need to keep up with my ladies better. imna add pix to my blogroll so i know when new things are posted, you are making such amazingly original work.

    1. This is a cherished compliment from the Mistress of Originality! Aw, shucks, ma'am.

  3. Loving your anglerfish series, and all the helpful info about working with "tin." Thanks so much!